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Stratemai Founder, Brad Neelan

In the dynamic world of digital media and marketing, Brad Neelan doesn't just chart a path; he lights the way. With a storied career that spans over a quarter of a century, Brad stands as an emblem of vision, innovation, and unwavering commitment.

His engagements with numerous Fortune 500 corporations attest to a depth of expertise that few can rival. Leading teams across the digital media, marketing, technology, and data spectrum, Brad has adeptly harnessed the transformative potential of technology. Yet, it's his meticulous attention to detail and operational excellence that ensures these advancements translate into tangible, bottom-line growth for his clients.

Brad's defining trait, however, is his commitment to merging creativity with data-driven insights. His strategies are intricate tapestries, weaving innovation with profound impact. Each solution is designed not just to innovate, but to meaningfully resonate.

Central to Brad's ethos is the philosophy of learning with velocity. In an industry marked by rapid evolution, he understands that it isn’t just about keeping pace, but continually refining and advancing one’s knowledge. Rooted in values of integrity, exceptionalism, and agility, Brad seeks not only to meet industry standards but to redefine them.

Engaging with Brad Neelan means embarking on a journey where foresight meets meticulous execution, and where innovation is deeply intertwined with measurable outcomes. It's a journey marked by learning, integrity, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

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