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Marketing Auditing

A comprehensive and customized marketing audit will be developed and focused on utilizing search data, SEO insight, paid search data, content performance data, and other aspects of your digital marketing to determine a situational readiness report

Business Market Analysis 

Understand the company's history, goals, and current marketing strategies.

Define specific objectives for the marketing audit, such as identifying areas for improvement, understanding customer behavior, and optimizing marketing ROI.

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Intent Data Analysis:

Analyze search data from various sources, including search engines, website analytics, and keyword research tools. Identify high-performing keywords, search trends, and opportunities to enhance search visibility. Conduct a thorough search marketing audit to assess on-page and off-page factors as well as competitive scoring.

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Digital Media Ecosystem Assessment

  • Evaluate the overall digital media ecosystem, encompassing social media, email marketing, and various online channels.

  • Determine the effectiveness of each channel in reaching your target audience and aligning with your marketing objectives.

  • Identify opportunities to optimize channel usage and drive brand engagement and growth.

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Competitive Matrix  Analysis 

Conduct a competitive analysis to benchmark the company's performance against key competitors. Identify competitor strengths, weaknesses, and potential opportunities to gain a competitive advantage. Integrate data from various sources to gain a holistic view of marketing performance. Extract actionable insights to inform data-driven decision-making and optimize marketing strategies.

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